Anatomy of a Shot: Vortex

This car was build by Weaver Customs in Salt Lake City. This image was captured in their shop where we also photographed a handful of their other immaculate builds for our client.

I knew for this image, that I wanted to keep the garage for the setting. Sometimes I’ll swap out a background for something more dramatic, but in this case I felt like the shot really made sense. The base shot shown here has a single mono light hitting it from the left. After capturing this image, I used my remote mono light to accentuate all sides of the car, including the interior. I also added some light from he back to give it a backlit feel.

Once everything was captured, all of the shots were layered in Photoshop and composited to get the best light from each shot. Since we were shooting on location, there were some reflections in the door panel that took away from the final image and made the car look like it had lines that weren’t actually there. I removed those and a few other distracting reflections in post.

Finally, I masked out the car from the background and added some smoke to add some drama to the shot. I also darkened up the ceiling and foreground and added some localized contrast. I really love how this shot turned out!

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